Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Lovin'

We had an awesome summer! No work and all play, wish I could do this every summer! Sophie is such a great baby and has no problem getting hauled everywhere and being so good. We have been to Utah twice and a couple trips to Whitefish this summer. She's a great camper and easy going no matter what we are doing! We love our Sophie!

Swan Lake, Montana

Hanging out with Dad!

Poor Rico is in for a life of torment! He's so good to her!

Sophie loves to swim! She dips her face in the water,
splashes around and cries when we have to get out!

She's our favorite little girl!

Now fall is here and we are already missing summer. Sophie's Aunts are busy in school and working, Daine is harvesting, and so far we have been keeping busy too. I'm definitely not looking forward to winter and trying to entertain this busy little girl! I'm dreaming of a nice fall complete with sweater weather, colorful leaves, and no wind! Wishful thinking!

Okay- I'm so new to this blogging stuff and I really don't get anything. It takes my pictures forever to load, I have no idea why sometimes the font is underlined in blue and I can't do anything fancy. Since I never post, I probably won't improve much! Any advice is appreciated!

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