Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Lovin'

We had an awesome summer! No work and all play, wish I could do this every summer! Sophie is such a great baby and has no problem getting hauled everywhere and being so good. We have been to Utah twice and a couple trips to Whitefish this summer. She's a great camper and easy going no matter what we are doing! We love our Sophie!

Swan Lake, Montana

Hanging out with Dad!

Poor Rico is in for a life of torment! He's so good to her!

Sophie loves to swim! She dips her face in the water,
splashes around and cries when we have to get out!

She's our favorite little girl!

Now fall is here and we are already missing summer. Sophie's Aunts are busy in school and working, Daine is harvesting, and so far we have been keeping busy too. I'm definitely not looking forward to winter and trying to entertain this busy little girl! I'm dreaming of a nice fall complete with sweater weather, colorful leaves, and no wind! Wishful thinking!

Okay- I'm so new to this blogging stuff and I really don't get anything. It takes my pictures forever to load, I have no idea why sometimes the font is underlined in blue and I can't do anything fancy. Since I never post, I probably won't improve much! Any advice is appreciated!

Julie Loves Mike

Julie and Mike got married! It was way back in June and it was a beautiful day! Everything was so perfect: the dress, the hair, the flowers and they were so happy! We love having someone new in our family and especially having them living here in Raymond.

Already straightening him out!

Sophie Bean!

It was a beautiful day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sophie Bean

We have been up to a whole lot of nothing lately! We've spent too much time in the house having rainy day pajama days! It's been fun, but I am ready for some summer sun and having lots of fun with my time off work! Daine has finished seeding and it surprisingly wasn't too terrible of a time. Calving season was long and tiring, so it's nice that he has had it a bit easier and even a day or two off of work (gasp!).

We went up to Calgary for my sister's Rugby provincials and Sophie stayed in her first hotel! Hopefully she will have better hotel experiences as this one was spent on the floor! She's such a dreamy baby and has been sleeping through the night since she was 2 months old! Honestly she is the right baby for me!

Sophie had her much needed first hair cut! She just needed the edges rounded off a bit and she was so good! AJ came and did a family hair day and Soph didn't want to miss out of the fun! Thanks AJ!

Sophie got all bundled up for a bonfire. We haven't had many of these yet, but hopefully the summer will bring some cool evenings out by the fire.
It's always a surprise when Aunt Jackie babysits. I've started doing some exercise (slowly started) and Jackie has been more than helpful to watch Soph. She was supposed to be in bed when I got home and I came home to a naked baby and them laughing and playing! This wasn't the first and I'm sure won't be the last time that Aunt Jac spoils Soph.

Sophie can fall asleep everywhere! She has so much energy and when she's tired she crashes!
We've been going to a baby and me class at the Parent Link Center in Raymond. I was hesitant to go at first because I thought it was kind of hippy and weird, but seriously it has been so much fun! I go once a week and visit with moms that have their first baby all around Sophie's age. Some of the husbands call it our "support group", and Daine has jumped all over that! He loves to hear what we talked about that day and he gets such a kick out of it. I love getting out of the house and seeing all of our friends. We also go to an infant massage class once a week at the Parent Link Center and I have really enjoyed that. I'm not very consistent to give Sophie a massage, but she likes it and it is fun to do that with her.

Pretty hard to believe that my baby is 4 months old not and she is growing up so fast. She is rolling from front to back and making all kinds of noise. She'll be sitting in no time and I'm afraid moving not long after that. We are loving every minute!

Blessing Day

So it has only been a couple months since Sophie's blessing (or my last post), but it is a rainy day, Daine is off quading, and Sophie is sleeping. I definitely jumped on the blogging bandwagon and so far I haven't been too committed and can't make any promises for the future, but for today, here is the blessing day in a nutshell!

Sophie was blessed on April 24, which was Easter Sunday. We were so lucky that all of her aunts and uncles and grandparents were able to attend, as well as several other family members! It was a great day and we definitely had tones of support! Daine played it cool like he had it all under control, until we were heading for church and he started to get a bit nervous. It was cute to see him so excited and he felt pretty special to give Sophie a blessing. Of course he did an awesome job!

Not Sophie's best, but this captures Daine completely! What a goof!

I'm sure this is an age-old question, but really, why are mom's never in pictures?!
And of course she's crying..

Daine got the best of Nat in a whipped cream fight! This was only the beginning!

Daine and Dalin snoozin together!

This picture is the story of Sophie's life. Constantly being smothered by her Aunt's! She loves them though, and they make the best babysitters!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Waiting for Spring

We are sick of waiting for spring! This is that time of year I wish I lived somewhere where your tulips bloomed early and your grass looked green. Below is a picture of my double flowering plum on Monday, the first day of Spring. It's bright pink and is covered in blossoms, unless of course spring doesn't come until July (last year), then this baby just doesn't blossom at all! Here's to hoping I get to see this beauty soon!

For now we will just stay inside all bundled up...waiting!

Sleepy Sundays

Sundays seem to be very exhausting lately. Maybe because it's the only day of the week I actually have a schedule, maybe it has been the extra meeting here or there and trying to co-ordinate feedings and help from a busy dad. Praise the heavens for 1:00 church and save our souls if I ever have a baby on a year with 9:00!
Sophie's Grandpa Tollestrup loves her very much. They share their middle names and he lights up when she gives him a little smile! He seldom gets to cuddle her with Aunts and Grandma around, but when he sneaks her away, they both enjoy every minute! These pictures were the same Sunday...must have been one of those extra Sleepy Sundays!
This was after getting home from our first Sunday...wore Sophie right out!